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Dongguan 8 into suffer the person that visit to show 3% intermediary fee is exor
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The company of intermediary of refuse payment of easy meridian passage that buys a house in Xiamen drives the cost of 138 thousand yuan of intermediary that give, this one " run easily run intermediary door " incident, make include intermediary industry " run odd " wait for a topic to make industry central point again, intermediary company runs odd, in Dongguan long-standing also, why does consumer want company of intermediary of steer clear of? Dongguan is secondhand now trade the intermediary of 3% expends general collection, exorbitant? Fair to this consumer and intermediary company say communal reason, the mother-in-law says the mother-in-law is justifiable, in at present market environment falls, how to establish the each other letter of consumer and intermediary company, make a trade before a difficult problem.

Rent trade to be run easily odd

The reporter interviews one intermediary company to concern chief with respect to this matter yesterday, the other side however to reporter complaint, so this company clinched a deal in Chang Ping town a few days ago a business spreads hire sheet, also encounter similar case: Shop advocate entrust them to search rent a settle or live in a strange place, but it is oral only entrust, without written agreement, client of its employee side finds this satisfactory business store. By Chang Ping town intermediary guilds regulations, trade both sides should pay intermediary fee to intermediary company, among them owner Fu Liucheng, the Fu Sicheng that rent a settle or live in a strange place, but because do not have written agreement, shop advocate deny have entrust this company to rent business is spread, ultimate firm is received only rent a settle or live in a strange place 4 become intermediary cost.

But it is better to can receive 4 become intermediary costs to already calculated a circumstance, the reporter understands, trade after company of bilateral classics intermediary matchs understanding, the circumstance that proper motion of intermediary of final steer clear of trades is long-standing. The reporter consulted company of much home intermediary, express to have the case of sheet be runninged. Lin Qingping of manager of department of field of Jin Xinlian quotations tells a reporter, market environment is relatively difficult now, intermediary company looks very closely to each sheet, the state of affairs of sheet be runninged is less, but still have certain proportion. Ke Chunyang of chief inspector of market of prospective real estate also expresses, business sheet runs simple case is opposite less, but odd to hiring, as a result of consumer " violate plan cost " very low, still happen from time to tome. General manager Huang Zhaozhong also expresses Cheng Zhaoye in, intermediary company is walked sheet still happens from time to tome by the circumstance of flying commission. Reporter understanding, although be opposite specific run to be measured oddly, intermediary not quite wish to divulge, but from go up somehow, be run constantly the intermediary company of odd, flying commission also is weak force group, its rights and interests also needs to protect.
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