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Tall house price is ecbolic mix hire wind 4 male 1 female humble abode 65 smooth
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The undergraduate searchs " nest " price of tall house of discovery of investigation of not easy reporter is ecbolic rent a house " photograph of all living creatures " : 4 male 1 female humble abode 65 smooth rice little rooms close hire means be heated to hold in both hands

Last year in July, after 3 Zhang Lei students that come from Chinese marine university graduate, in the Ou Zhanshan austral city the village leases the building that covers 3 65 square metre to one place, subsequently again Gao Fei, Liu Qian moves in to sweethearts. "House price is so high now, just had a job income is not much also, 5 people close renting so big house still is very economical. " Zhang Lei is laughing to say when accepting a reporter to interview, their 5 individual native place are not Qingdao, live together OK still and mutual coordinate. Come day after day, the reporter visits understanding to arrive, enter the college graduate with duty field not high income newly people some choices close hire, some choices lodge kin home, the room still was bought to become below some helps in parents " Fang Nu " .

Tall house price is ecbolic 4 male 1 female close hire

The reporter will to Zhang Lei wait for the building that 5 people lease, see 3 the building is mutual, without the sitting room, kitchen and toilet are common, the room that Liu Jianguo and king contest competition live is the biggest, have 20 square metre about, there are two pieces of single beds inside, still putting television, tea table, sofa to wait at the same time. "This house is the biggest, became our sitting room, we have a meal chatting is to be here. " in two rooms that leave, zhang Lei sheet stays in the room with an about 13 big square metre, gao Fei and Liu Qian live in another to make an appointment with the room with 10 big square metre. Zhang Lei says, TV, air conditioning, freezer, bed, water heater is the building is original, liu Jianguo was brought a washing machine and water machine, gao Fei brought electromagnetism furnace and microwave oven to wait, their collect money buys the basin of boiler bowl gourd ladle in the kitchen.

"This house is located in south city division southern part, belong to chummage to compare expensive a sector of an area. " Liu Jianguo says, they are the undergraduates of strong finish school, salary is not high now, buy a house independently odd perhaps rent suite not quite actual, so they chose to close hire, the building that they lease is built at going up century 90 time, floor is located in 5 buildings, the month hires 2000 yuan, the room that Liu Jianguo and king contest competition live is the biggest, pay 800 yuan every months, cell month of Zhang Lei pays 650 yuan, the month pays Gao Fei and Liu Qian 550 yuan, water charge of electricity of every months, gas cost is " AA is made " . "Such charge that rent a house still can bear, if exceed our capacity again high. " Liu Jianguo says.

Close hire the life to have sweet have pain

Zhang Lei works in an accountant office, liu Jianguo hold post at this city unit of a media, king contest competition is in firm of head of one home appliance to work, gao Fei is the employee of city of a shadow, and this summer of cummer Liu Qian just the graduate student graduates, will go very quickly Korea is done external Chinese teacher. "Person of one big band lives together lively, it is special pleasure really. " Liu Qian is laughing to say, prices rises badly now, have a meal outside very expensive, they decide cook in the home eat, be in charge of one day by turns each cook, wash bowl, cleanness, pour the job such as rubbish, can save 5 yuan of right-and-left board expense everyday each so. Now they everyday the happiest is time of serve a meal, everybody is OK the edge has a meal the edge communicates him job knowledge and the interesting thing that come up against, according to the convention, come home first the total meeting that have a meal leaves dish to return to evening, liu Qian says she herself costs 800 yuan every months to be able to solve whole life expenses now, and she if a person rents a house alone, want keep the wolf from the door of 1300 yuan of ability the least in Qingdao.
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