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Dongguan: Do not cooperate owner to issue proof bank to produce room be stopping
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In the light of the near future partial bank does not provide evidence of conduction house property for owner the circumstance of relevant formalities, bureau of canal of Dongguan town house issues give public notice yesterday, requirement bank must termless offer each proof for owner, if do not issue a proof, the bank produces room be stoppinged professional work.

According to the near future some are dealing with the owner of house property card to mirror, owner trades in house of proper motion conduction commodity register reach mortgage turn in guaranty unifinication process, individual bank subbranch of a bank is a name without the announcement with branch, various to the applicant create difficulties for sb, reject to offer him for owner an authority proof photocopy and in mortgage turn guaranty application form sums an opinion, influence owner handles house property card.

To house of this Dongguan town tubal bureau expresses, each bank must coordinate requirement of meeting meeting summary according to estate banking, cooperate owner actively to deal with relevant formalities, termless offer him an authority proof photocopy and in " estate guaranty registers application form " sum an opinion. Otherwise, owner can be in charge of a branch to complain to the room. If be belonged to via investigating a case solid, room canal bureau is in every months " website of public of management board of Dongguan city house property " on announcement is complained bank condition.

To the bank " barratrous " the behavior of partial owner, central Plains real estate studies department manager Che Derui expresses, dongguan town house managed bureau and a few buildings 2007 dish collaboration is carried out " unifinication handling card " pilot, by bank, development business, room runs bureau spot office, a month can take house property testimony. This one measure to Dongguan estate market, it is good policy of a kind of interest. Do card to carry fast what can promote estate to trade is active. As we have learned, usually, owner must be handed in 6 the become fund that offer a building, ability handles house property card. But below the circumstance that borrows a risk to increase in eye anteroom, do not eliminate a few banks to may be restricted strictly to keep gift oneself.