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House price and hire " fight " the scale that hire carry out just is " touchston
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In a lot of local commodity houses sale price lasts violent wind rises frighten the person that in retreating, low income buys a house when, a main index is casual however was ignored by people, that is the building hires valence. And just is this index, than house property price can reflect building supply demand relations more on some kind of meaning.

Scale of commodity chummage carry out is to mirror what market of estate of a city develops a standard " touchstone " . Below normal circumstance, it is consistent that the supply demand relations of the building is reflected with what hire valence to go up in price, when the building demands exceeds supply, both can rise. However, if building market is congenial composition is too much, this economic norms meets house price by serious twist, cannot mirror normal building supply demand relations, at this moment the building hires valence to be compared commonly objective. Can say, in hire wave motion not big case falls, of house price swift and violent rise can judge value giving a room existence empty is tall.

Current, the personage inside partial course of study thinks " current house price has returned to reason, the price and intrinsic value are more adjacent " , the author thinks such judgement is too subjective and hopeful. Above all, whether the price has returned to value is a very complex issue, judge simply very hard. If must search a measure to measure, so the ratio of hire and house price is more appropriate. Because of from investment point of view character, when hire return rate is high, people can purchase more housing to be used at renting, house price can rise when buying demand to increase. When if make hire return rate excessive as a result of the rise of house price,dropping, buy behavior to be able to decrease, the extent that makes house price rises is reduced or drop. Drop to promote to hire return rate when house price increase when buying demand, hire is affecting the rise of house price again, the supply demand relations in relying on the market maintains the relative balance in rising. Hire is affecting house price, house price is affecting hire, restrict each other.

And the requirement with this one the basiccest measure rents return rate wants interest rate of prep above saving at least namely, that is to say, press level of current bank interest rate, lowest of building hack return rate should be achieved 4% . To like such Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou city character, this time for certain the newspaper leads short of the hire of instantly building, house price still has very big bubble undoubtedly.

To at present market of Dongguan house property, with south the city is exemple, the house of a 100 square metre, the instantly market prise after decorating makes an appointment with 600 thousand yuan, the lunar hire of such one flatlet house should achieve 2400 yuan at least (buy period and a lunar intermediary expend the sky that considers a month) , ability achieves the return rate of 4% , and at present south city piece the house with so big area, what can hire 2000 yuan of above is not much see. In view of home each big city house rents the market is bear intermediary cost jointly by the both sides that rent, and Dongguan building rents the market bears intermediary cost by house-owner however in light of this one convention, the building of Dongguan rents the market can say is " buyer's market " , the person that rent a house is in trade on be in active position, have the active right that chooses a building arbitrarily. From the point of this one angle, whether does house price still have adjusting a space is self-evident.
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