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Dongguan census register manages: Living card system is carried out is the great
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It is the city with ab extra numerous population together, dongguan and Shenzhen, there are many contents to be able to contrast on urban government. Rose on August 1, shenzhen will pursue living card system. Although " living card " already very familiar to the ear, but still the curiosity that enough arouses Dongguan person. The living card of Shenzhen, what inspiration can you provide?

Today, specific a few detail to living card, in fact already no longer unfamiliar. What Shanghai reachs Shenzhen is pilot, early hold up opens the veil that envelops its to go up. The reaction of the outside, although majority keeps careful, but hopeful still after all, greeting heart is revealed without involuntary discharge of urine. We think, the strong point of Shenzhen living card, depend on " carry out " -- next year, 9 will be delimited into personnel of blame Shenzhen census register under the Fuyin of this one system.

Manage the reform cry of the system to active census register, long-standing. The footing of a few opinion on public affairs, be based on break urban and rural and binary intersected to anticipate, hope population manages can as soon as possible the evil spirit of drive identity. However, the pace that census register reforms, did not expect like people from beginning to end so fast. As to the reason, alleged bad old practices die hard, we have to face up to a few hardship.

The occurrence of living card, gave people a lot of and good imagination for a time. From " living card " since a day that when make a name, the attention that it gets, also all the time heat is not decreased. But apparent, living card this boat, still carry those who use urban and rural difference hard a lot of anxious. Shenzhen is pilot a few people inside the area, a few welfare that although can enjoy living card,fall, but still dare not becoming his is " Shenzhen person " , it is living card namely " limited progress " typical display.

The thing on meaning of a few symbols, living card cannot be solved temporarily. People expects to it, be exorbitant. But the value that whether this decides living card anything but. Contrary, expectation is exorbitant the value that indicating it, what it returns even if to think without people place is perfect, even if still is pilot only, also mean a hope, mean the fire that ignites star. Now, begin to carry out in one city, with respect to the likelihood the whole nation is carried out, before this " exorbitant " expectation, also appear OK feeling, no longer Yao cannot be reached.

In other words, carrying out is the greatest value. "Carry out " show reform is advancing, and be have span meaning ground advances. Have advance, progress can " ceaseless " , the assemble rises, eventually one day, believe system of census register management will realize essential face about. This also is reliable those who pay attention to effect is reform, due justice.

What should see is, in the population management on existing foundation, cost wants relatively small. After instead living card, adhere to all sorts of welfare on the identity, had the level of opposite equalize, suffer before " identity loss " people, pay hopeful is obtained improve. This brings communal financial necessarily many defray, system of urban medical treatment, education, the likelihood faces major test. This asks to carry out a city to be arranged as a whole already, ask to carry out a city to have enough economic actual strength again.
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