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Hong Kong guest lights city of Chang Ping building to invest enthusiasm to form
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On September 9, one with " 2007 Dongguan invest a strategy " meeting place holds the Li Jinghua garden that the seminar v/arc be on the throne that gives priority to a problem presses down at Dongguan city Chang Ping, many 200 investigation group that forms by Hong Kong person attended this seminar. After the meeting, the investigation group is right the key of this second journey " Li Jinghua garden " 3 period -- ― be about to of face city " Li Jingguo border " undertook making an on-the-spot investigation in the round, according to developing business introduction, 40 much people undertook sincerity subscribe that day.

Harbor guest gets together to often make the same score building city again

According to reporter observation, the Hong Kong of 200 much people that day sees building group, main with in old people is given priority to, after taking a seat, be opposite the building that is about to make an on-the-spot investigation dish also have stronger understanding desire.

As we have learned, from 1992 to between 1997, as a result of traffic and advantage of ground predestined relationship, the Chang Ping that exceeds 6 to become and camphorwood head house property all are bought by Hong Kong guest. But 1997 after financial storm, add Dongguan in those days the not big maturity of estate market, two towns appeared early or late one share building dish cannot handle house property card or sodden end appearance, the Hongkong's person is right the faith that invests city of two towns building also year after year drops.

2007, invest Dongguan building city in a large-scale as Shenzhen guest, price of estate of spic deep Guan rises successively, investor of a batch of Hong Kong lighted the confidence of internally investment afresh, and because Chang Ping is wide price of here of 9 railroad by way of, house is relatively cheap wait for an advantage, make the first selection of course of study of Hongkong's person buy afresh again. At the same time of city of Hong Kong building anabiosis, the callback of the price forces again come out one part is young with economy not quite prosperous buy line of business person.

According to reporter field survey, this batch of Hong Kong invest guest brunt to buy room group to have 3 kinds about, it is preparation investment is long term close hire; 2 be one batch buys a house in Hong Kong and Shenzhen without ability, but can accept the house is bought in Chang Ping, inside the limits that traffic of a hour also accepts in them; 3 it is one part client is bought on a special trip Saturday, day goes vacationing or shack to close friend.

This " harbor guest " the attention that the new power that turn round also drew business of a batch of development, besides this large-scale organization Hong Kong sees building group besides, benefit real estate is in in the project of oasis of sweet camphor tree of camphorwood head also has person specially assigned for a task to be in charge of developing Hong Kong client.
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